This is a long and personal piece, I wrote during my last travel in the UK. It is a surreal encounter with a personification of fear, sensuality and beauty: a Catwoman.
This Catwoman wants to be the representation of Sublime (Romanticism), something obscure but able to attract us and destroy us.
The poem has its roots in Poe’s The Raven. The structure of that masterpiece, together with its themes of fear and terror represent the sources of inspiration for my work.

Hope you will enjoy the reading.

Once upon a rainy night, sole and sad was I

Closed my heart between meters and lines

lost my soul in scents that in the air multiply

making ghosts that walked over my sea of wines.

I felt as on a line observed by some kind of spy,

So the eyes I turned where the house confines

There she was, sitting on the balcony border

A cat, a woman was she true or my own disorder?

Beautiful and wet, bright and sublime

as a black moon on a Halloween night.

She, embodiment of eternal crime

a pagan deity born in Egyptian daylight

and raised by this city’s modern slime.

There, she stays with feline wild sight

watching, waiting to jump in my new rhyme.

You, wicked witch from a sensual shrine

You beautiful burglar of my violet sunshine.

Motionless as night, motionless as stone

cat, Catwoman, you catch me I catch you.

My eyes, starving cows, roam to your throne,

where only broken souls they find to chew,

While your eyes, fecund felines, roam to my throne

where only a broken man they find to brew.

You, Woman, a temple of sensual love bites.

You, Woman, a temple of ancient love rites.

The clock on my table is ticketing swiftly,

a hammer on my heart as anvil so cold,

your sight as a snake-chain bounds me so fiercely

to my proud nightmares of love, I feel so old,

I feel fear as firing fever making twisty

tricks to my mind, once I was so bloody bold

but why has my man’s courage run from this path?

Oh, cat why do you drag me into your lusty bath?

I struggle against this wild wandering image

I close my tired eyes, I pronounce a spell

“Go away criminal-cat! On my rummage,

On my dull den please let me gently dwell!

I don’t want to leave this solitary village

and fulfil the fate of your natural hell

please go away back to your graceful lair

please go away leave me in my dear despair!”

I open my eyes, I tremble, I shiver

I turn to your side no woman outside

for a moment I breathe, but there is a sliver

a red sliver of a kiss,  mark of your stride

on this glass, again my heart does quiver

that sign is like your sharp claw in my liver

Turning, shifting, my own existence

I can feel again your stunning persistence

Where are you now Cat-Catwoman?

That scarlet lipstick is hovering now

hypnotizing my soul, where is Batman?

at your feet, did you made him bow?

Crawl as a worm with all his own clan?

With your presence you have plow

the entire scheme of my life,

you have brought me in an unfair strife

My castle of myths and beliefs

you tore down with only a smack

of your mouth, I am crucified on reefs

a thousand arrows on my back

I focus, I think you can dispense my reliefs

Your embodiment of Mother Nature

You enemy of a human legislature

I jump to my feet to catch that kiss

thirsty for love, addicted to danger

I open the glass but there is only a hiss

a bat is patrolling around, a ranger

that in the frosty night flies in the abyss

from where you came too, stranger

you black leathered angel, take me!

you black leathered angel, trick me!

Terror and horror, love and lust,

breeze and thunder, sun and moon

black and white,  trust and distrust

violence and peace, midnight and noon

All these feelings overcame me as dust

as a tropical monstrous monsoon

Exhausted, I fell on my rusty knees

Please, I don’t need your terrible tease!

You Cat, Cat-woman have no pity

you came in my life with no invite

so sublime, no woman, no kitty

you proud beautiful knight

I need you to survive this city

I need you to survive this night

I know, of dreams you are a medley

and of the night a messenger so deadly

But I love you, I fear you and need you.

Rainy night, I breathe, I try to calm down

back in my room, I feel the blues

 inside my mind, maybe I should drown

me down in the drink that you did brew!

I breathe, I feel free air coming down,

through my throat then to my lungs

May I speak any ancient tongues?

Rainy night: thunder, cracking sound

terror, no light, no peace I am lost

I feel your presence again I am bound

I am doomed I can’t leave at any cost

I open my ears to see if you are around

maybe these are just the rumours of frost?

No, help! Boom, doom I am on the ground

Your embodiment of perfection!

you embodiment of selection!

Crippling, confusing sense of paradise

destroying my mind and my human reason.

I feel the cold leather pressing as ice

but there is a twisting summer season

coming from your breath full of vice

Oh Cat-Cat woman you are no reason

you are more than a hero

you are a real anti-hero!

Venus in snakeskin, venus in pitch opal stone

I have to deal with you, you are my dark side

as everyone has, I don’t have to moan

I have to respect you, you are my bride

my dominatrix my female dark clone.

Why did I hide you with my useless pride?

Overwhelm me with your sentiments

Overthrow me with your ancient elements

Heaven, hell a big bang stops the rain

A rooster refrain echoing from somewhere

another forgotten reign in a far away plain.

Slowly, smoothly a red dawn dyes the air

A new day comes and nothing will remain

the dark is leaving my insane lair.

Cat-Catwoman, why did you disappear?

Cat-Catwoman, have you have been here?

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