Ispirata da una delle storie più belle di Tolkien, “The Ballad of Beren and Luthien” che consiglio di leggere! il seguente componimento in inglese vede tra le sue righe lo sviluppo di una storia antica che prende forma in un mondo fantastico abitato da uomini e donne reali e da mostri fantastici. In queste strofe “alliterative” un guerriero si trova disperso e all’inseguimento della sua bella ma qualcosa lo attende nell’ombra del mondo.

The sky was grey, its breath was strong
The fog was all around.
But, in the maze, I gazed at her.
A lonely pretty girl,


Blue eyes, a long shape and fine hair,
White-pale and silky skin;
she was the moon in the blue sky,
Untouched by any evil sin.


Roaming, I was on a dark path
My road was now ending,
Hideous creatures were after
me, my fate was coming.


My sword was broken, my soul hurt.
There she was: my fair dame
her arms open in a shelter
heated by red hot flame.


Between us, gloomy wet marshes;
Behind me: the roaring,
angry, fiendish and flaming fierce.
The end was now coming.


My spirit was weak and weary,
My body was as drown.
The winter was coming; hell
was becoming my dawn.


As the wild, fast antelope flees
the lion. Suddenly,
I felt a wide wound slash my flesh,
The pain did dig deeply


and stole my heart. Bleak, black, bane
was my life becoming.
Blind pain as a wicked knife was
my soul overcoming,


My body aches and my heart stops.
Mountains on the horizon stood,
yellow fields full of crops
circled by a golden wood.

Days, years and ages did pass away;
the gently Demeter did welcome
her daughter back so many
times that beards grey did become.


“I am doomed and dead” so I thought.
But, all of a sudden darkness
and pain did fade away.
Life returned to be happiness.

As a baby on mother’s breast
was my body resting
in her gentle arms. A hot stream
of honey was refreshing
My dried lips, her sweet kiss it was.
And so I saw: my maid.
Her tender bright face as if
of pure light was made

brought me back from the ancient past.
The angelic girl with eyes
of pearl, a distant idiom begin to
speak and a new day to rise.

I felt fresh life my body to restore,
As the drops of delicate rain
recover the drained plant in a
dry, dead desolate plain.


In a pitch dark cavern we were,
I was bound by vice and sin,
but the lady’s pure hands did give
freedom to my ruined skin.


In the air, the voice of silence
was singing loud, no beast.
Our way was now set free, no more
walls on the road to east.


Since that day just flowers and stars
did rise on our path. Singing
birds were praising our
love in high halls of happiness


an Arcady we found, where
we could thrive our love,
far from tears and, freedom
was our only one law.

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