“The lightning” is a personal translation of Pascoli’s “Il Lampo”, one of the major Italian Symbolist poets. This short poem introduces us to the main themes of this Italian poet, such as country life and nature. Anyway, Pascoli’s poem does not draw a happy and cheerful atmosphere, but through the lines, we can read his anguish and sadness for his father’s loss.

In my translation, I have not decided to transpose the metrical system of the original, but I have focused on the meaning and metaphors of the poet, which according to me are the real characteristic of Pascoli’s poem. In particular two are the main metaphors: earth and the house. Earth the cruelty of life and the house is the shelter from all that stands outside from its walls.


Then, naked did sky and earth appear:

Earth was gasping, black and blue, shocked;

Sky was empty, tragic, broken down:

Pale, pale in the silent turmoil

A house did appear then disappeared in a flash;

It was like an eye, large and horrified,

It opened then it closed, in the black night.

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