What languages do I know?

Which are my language skills?

My mother language is Italian, this is the language by which I was educated and nurtured from the cradle to the graduation. Today Italian is my everyday language but also my main Target Language in my work.

English is my second language, the language of my dreams, studies and work. Thanks to my linguistic education I have studied it in all its nuances and corners, from Middle school in Italy to University in UK gaining a C2 level of the CEFRL. My experience in Great Britain gave me the chance not just to obtain knowledge of the language but, it enriched me with the acquaintance of its culture and lifestile. English is my main Source Language and my secondary Target Language.

French is my third language. My abilities in this language are equal to B2 of the CEFRL. This is certified by the DELF B2 the official language test system of the French Ministry of Education. I have learned French at high school and on extra-curricular courses at the university. Currently, it is my second Source Language.