Tailor-made translations

PR Translations has its roots in my love for languages, cultures and words. Languages in every form and contests have always held me, thrilled me and inspired me. Language means life, and because of this it cannot be just translated or written. A language has to be transformed, cut, sewed and tailored for every occasion, task, addressee and audience.
Shape, forge, smooth or transform words is my job. I am at your disposition for any kind of ghostwriting task in order to shape your ideas and projects. You give me your idea I will transform it into the written word.

Check my blog! if you find a word, a phrase a verse that you like I am the right person for you!
I do not write just in Italian but also in English, check the posts categorized English!

Translate is like playing music and writing poems, like painting pictures and carving statues, effort and yearning to conquer and to own our proper reality. Manara Valgimigli, Del tradurre e altri scritti, 1957

My agency is located in north Italy but I do collaborate with people all around the world.